Sinful Colors you really are sinful!

Hey everyone! I hope your all having a great day...my day was kinda tough, so i decided to do my nails and feel better. Oh, how wrong i was! Ok, so i hate not liking a nail polish...it feels weird. Anyway, this was one of those colors that i instantly fell in love with and i knew it was gonna give me trouble from my initial swatch but i was like how bad could it be and i thought the color would be sooo worth it. And sinful colors tend to have good application nail polishes so i thought, what the heck! Anyway i decided to put it on today and i knew i had to wait between each application to make it work right and so i tried my HARDEST to remain as patient as possible.
Alright, without further introduction this is Sinful Colors in Out Of This World from their Wish collection for holiday 2011.

Sinful Colors Out of This World

Out Of This World is more on the sheer side...no actually this is completely sheer. Honestly, it looked kinda sheer in the bottle but i mean the first layer was completely sheer with just some shimmer showing. So i waited...and waited...and then reapplied. And waited...and waited, and then applied one more layer. So i was up to three layers and then began to notice some empty spots. I dont know how much it shows because my camera isn't that great, but you can probably see it on my ring finger.

Alright on to the color description...i know it appears to be silver but in reality its more of an icy frosty silver color kinda on the white side. The color is superbly amazing...and im in love with it. Unfortunately, i hated the application...it was awful. I didn't expect it to be soooo hard! Also, removing the nail polish was difficult to say the least, i still have all the shimmer on my fingers. I think this last picture shows how bad its application was. It might just be my application and not necessarily that this nail polish in specific is bad. So depending on your "nail polishing abilities" i guess, the results may be different. I probably wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless you really like the color or you know how to apply polish well. And so that was my take on it and this does not mean that the polish is bad or that you shouldn't get it, but its just my opinion and how it was for me. Have a great day!
xo Nail Diva

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