So, i just wanted to post something about basically my blog aim, if that makes any sense. I love nail polish, i love crazy colors but most often i tend to find myself infatuated with the darker more vampy colors, maybe because im such a fan of the more seductive side of nail polish. I love that nail polish makes an entire statement about who you are and how you live your life. For me, my love for pretty much all nail polish colors (except brown, i cant get over the fact that its just ugly), i guess is more of expression. And in the words of Prabal Gurung nails are "the period at the end of the sentence"...Love it! Ok, so in the coming days i will be uploading alot of different colors and later on alot of different nail art designs that i personally love. I know that not everyone is going to like my colors or my style and my blog might only appeal to a small number of people, but thats just perfect for me. So check me out sometime and hopefully, you'll find something for the nail lover in you!
Nail Diva. 

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