First Official Post

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog! So this is my very first post...yay! And although i dont have all the different nail polish brands in the world nor the biggest bank account to buy all different nail polish brands, this is my little slice of the nail polish world and i happen to like it, hehe. I know that my first post should be something uber special, but i decided to start off humble. Actually this is just a nail polish that i recently found and immediately fell in love with. I've been looking for a very long time to find some holographic nail polish and although Jordan doesn't have the biggest collection around, i did manage to find this one so I am a very grateful shopper!  

So this is Color Club's Worth the Risque. The pictures unfortunately do not do it justice which is such a shame. The thing about this color is that in some lights it looks actually very boring...and then in some other lights its like waaaam! a splash of rainbow.
Color Club Worth the Risque
So that's directly by the light and it kinda gives an idea of the holo effect. But honestly, its not the same in real life, i catch myself constantly staring at it. It's beautiful.

Dont mind my cuticles, please! So anyway, this is what i wanted to share with you guys...I love it. I know that there are probably some nail polishes out there that have a stronger effect possibly, but this is good enough for me.
Thanks for stopping by!

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